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Liberty Direct
A New Alternative to Health Insurance

Health conscious individuals and families save an average of 40-60%.

Regain Control of Your Health Care

Medical cost sharing is a rapidly growing movement built on the time-tested Christian tradition of sharing the burden of healthcare costs within a community.
Liberty Direct members share the commitment to value, prioritize and take personal responsibility for their health. In return, members are able to share medical costs together.

With Liberty Direct, individuals and families have the opportunity to lower their expenses AND improve the quality of their healthcare. Liberty members typically pay 40-60% less for their health expenses.

This program is designed to safeguard the doctor-patient relationship. As a Liberty Direct member, in addition to your visits here, you may see any doctor or hospital you choose. We are thrilled that with Liberty Direct, we don’t have to fight with administrative bureaucracy in order to care for you.

Liberty Direct members invest in their health… and pay less for health care.

LIBERTY DIRECT: Medical Cost-Sharing and Direct Primary Care combine to form the most progressive alternative to insurance

Medical Cost-Sharing unites health-conscious individuals to share medical expenses without the red tape and high costs of traditional health insurance.

Aveda Integrative Medical Center provides comprehensive primary care for a simple monthly fee. With insurance out of the way, we can focus on you and your health.

Liberty Direct creates the most beneficial relationship between our direct care practice…at 40-60% of the typical healthcare cost. Liberty Direct rewards you for your healthy lifestyle. Everyone benefits.

How It Works: Liberty Direct Is Easy To Understand

Liberty Direct members share healthcare expenses through a well-established program administered by Liberty HealthShare, a national leader in healthcare cost sharing for over 20 years.

When you join Liberty Direct, you pay an annual membership fee of $125, then only $75 each year thereafter.

Instead of being overwhelmed by ballooning monthly costs, Liberty Direct members pay a low “Monthly Share Amount.” In fact, Liberty Monthly Share Amounts have remained the same for the last 4 years.

Your Monthly Share Amount

Each month, members pay what is called a called a Monthly Share Amount. This money is used to fund the medical needs of the Liberty member community.

Monthly Share Amounts are very well defined. While for most people, healthcare costs climb substantially every year, Liberty Monthly Share Amounts have not increased in over four years.
Your Annual Unshared Amount

With Liberty Direct, the amount of money you are responsible for paying directly to your provider for your medical expenses is easy to understand. This amount is called an “Annual Unshared Amount”. After you reach this amount, 100% of your eligible medical needs are shared up to $1 million per incident with no lifetime limit.

Costs Shared by the Member Community

Once you have reached your Annual Unshared Amount, Liberty Direct members share 100% of these types of costs:
• Inpatient or Outpatient treatment or surgery
• Doctor’s visits
• Preventive care
• Prescriptions 45 days before and after each related medical visit
• Physical therapy and home health care for each related medical incident
• Total bills incurred per incident over the Single, Couple or Family Annual Unshared Amount

A valuable program for people who value their health… plain and simple.

As a Liberty Direct member, you’ll experience even greater benefits than a typical medical cost-sharing program. Here are just a few ways our lifestyle-rewarding program is preferred among health-conscious individuals and families:

1. Liberty Direct Pays Part of Aveda Integrative Medical Center’s Monthly Membership Fee Liberty Direct recognizes the positive impact our approach to primary care provides. When you join Aveda Integrative Medical Center, Liberty will pay up to $100/month toward our monthly Direct Primary Care membership fees based on the following fee schedule.

2. Health Coaching When You Need It Most – For those members who have medical conditions that may be improved through lifestyle modification, Liberty allows you to receive health coaching to help you reverse certain modifiable conditions and risks right here at our practice.

3. Nutritional Supplement Reimbursement – Because of our extensive training in nutrition and nutritional supplementation through the Institute for Functional Medicine, we are able to offer you reimbursement on the nutritional supplements that we prescribe.


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