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Phentermine Benefits: To A Slimmer You!

Phentermine, a stimulant, works together with neurotransmitters. It directly affects the central nervous system (CNS) to suppress appetite. Doctors usually prescribe phentermine for short-term use only. But around 50% of weight loss prescriptions are phentermine, making it one of the most prescribed medications for weight loss. There are a lot of phentermine benefits.
One of the phentermine benefits is that it boosts one’s metabolism. Metabolism is a bodily process of converting and using energy. Increase in metabolic rate would be a big help in losing weight. Aside from increasing the metabolic rate, phentermine contains antioxidants. It has catechin polyphenols, which helps in increasing levels of fat oxidation. It also stops the fat accumulation.
Aside from increasing the aforementioned benefits, one of the phentermine benefits is that it suppresses cravings and urges for eating. A lot of people find it hard to lose weight because of their hearty appetite. Diet and exercise alone may fail due to the uncontrollable urges to eat.

Another of the many phentermine benefits is that increases one’s energy. An increase in energy can be very important for people undergoing weight loss. More energy would mean more energy for exercise.

Majority of medicines cause side effects, but not everyone necessarily gets these side effects. For phentermine, some people may experience changes in sexual drive, diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, bad taste in mouth, headache, inability or difficulty to sleep, overstimulation, dizziness and impotence. Contact your doctor right away if you experience the following side effects: chest pain, pounding in the chest, fast heartbeat, tremor, allergic reactions like hives, rash, tightness in the chest, swelling of the face, and difficulty in breathing. It is also important to note that you should consult your doctor before taking phentermine.

Amidst the side effects, phentermine benefits cannot be denied. Phentermine, by far, is the most beneficial weight loss drug in the market.


High Protein Supplements, Energy Injections & Pellets

Losing weight can be hard. The High Protein Diet Plan is a real solution to reduce weight. Stop fad dieting! More and more people are learning to maintain healthy weight by life style and dietary modifications.


Weekly Methyl-Cobalmine Injections

The Methylcobalamin Form of B12: We use methylcobalamin form of B12 as a base for our unique MIC Plus injectable formula that, when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, helps you reduce weight.


Natural Weight Loss Medicines to Increase Metabolism, Reduce Appetite & Reduce Emotional Eating

• Garcinia Cambogia Extract
• Slim Down Tablets
• Slim Down Patches
• Slim Down Tea
• Super M.I.C. Tables
• Raspberry Ketones


CLA Softgels

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been found to promote the natural fat metabolism of the body, making it easier to get your body in shape. Several studies investigating the effects of CLA on weight management and body composition confirm this. These studies show that supplementation with CLA aids in weight management by promoting fat loss. When weight is gained, or regained after a diet, CLA has been found to promote muscle growth as well as to inhibit the growth of fat cells, improving the shape of the body.
Scientists now believe that CLA may have a unique effect on body fat in many ways including:
• Inhibiting the transport mechanism of fat into fat cells. This way the size of these cells is reduced, which may lead to an improved body shape.
• Enhancing the activity of an enzyme present in the muscles. By stimulating this enzyme, it helps the body to build up more muscle mass.

Using CLA in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet is essential for good body weight management.



Nutritional support for fat loss and healthy body composition EndoTrim™ contains:
● The non-stimulating American ginseng root -for costisol balance
● Banaba, chromium and vanadium -to enhance glucose control and insulin performance
● Coleus forskohlii, garcinia cambogia, and green tea extract –to promote lean body mass through ergogenic activity
● Activated B vitamins, magnesium and L-carnitine –to provide nutrients for optimal mitochondrial function and metabolism
● N-acetyl-tyrosine –to support thyroid function and proper catecholamine balance
● GABA and magnesium -to help control cravings and help keep calm when stressed

EndoTrim™ may be used for:
● Appetite control
● Blood sugar support
● Fat loss
● Improving metabolism
● Improving muscle mass
● Stress control



Targeted intestinal support to help limit digestion and absorption of carbohydrates while improving digestion of protein
This can help those who have a difficult time controlling their carbohydrate intake and need better blood glucose control, which can then lead to greater success with healthy weight loss or prevention of weight gain. CarbXzyme™ may also help with satiety, which in turn can support weight control.

Highlights of CarbXzyme™:
Phase 2 Carb Controller™, a water-extracted, non-GMO form of a common white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), is a research-proven proprietary amylase inhibitor which appears to prevent starch digestion by blocking access to the enzyme’s active site in the intestines.

Green Coffee Extract (GCE) contains chlorogenic acid, an organic, polyphenolic compound with antioxidant properties that has been shown in clinical trials to support weight loss and reduce body fat. Studies suggest that GCE may help to reduce glucose absorption in the gut and triglyceride accumulation in the liver and decrease postprandial (after meals) glucose and blood lipid concentrations.

BioCore® Pro is a blend of proteases designed to optimize protein digestion throughout the digestive tract. It is formulated to work across a wide range of pH and to digest protein in both the stomach and intestines.

CarbXzyme™ may benefit:
● Weight loss/reduction in body fat – by reducing calories absorbed from carbohydrates and lowering insulin
● Blood sugar control – by decreasing postprandial glucose levels; helps to lower the glycemic index of carbohydrates
● The management of diabetes/pre-diabetic state/metabolic syndrome
● Healthy blood lipids
● Prevention of weight regain after a weight loss program (especially when combined with CLA)
● Healthy aging (as a result of proper caloric and carbohydrate restriction)

To get the most benefit from CarbXzyme™, it is recommended:
● Take two capsules immediately before or during meals containing starches and/or sugars
● Take with highest carbohydrate-containing meals of the day

Note: Because CarbXzyme™ is taken to reduce digestion of refined carbohydrates by inhibiting amylase, taking digestive enzymes containing amylase such as Digestzymes™ and Plant Enzyme Digestive Formula at the same time is not recommended.



CraveArrest™ is designed to promote an optimal balance of the major neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine, which affect many types of cravings, such as those for food and smoking. Tyrosine and 5-HTP are included in this product in an ideal 10:1 ratio for superior anti-craving results, while taurine and the adaptogenic herb Rhodiola are present to promote a healthy stress response.

Support Neurotransmitter Production Naturally
Many factors have an impact on brain neurochemistry and endocrine balance such as age, genetics, circadian rhythms and various environmental factors including stress, diet, exercise and medications. Many people do not synthesize adequate serotonin, including diabetics and those on SSRIs for long periods of time. Dieting is known to lower levels of tryptophan, an amino acid needed to make serotonin. Dieters and others often need help controlling food cravings, mood swings and addictions. Cravings for cigarettes are known to be controlled by dopamine receptors. The neurotransmitter dopamine is often low in those who are prone to addictive or erratic behavior.


7-Keto – DHEA

Supplementation with 7-Keto® may counteract the decline in 7-oxo DHEA levels that occurs during the normal aging process. Decreased levels of 7-oxo DHEA can also be triggered by high cortisol levels, which can result from physical and mental stress as well as dieting if the caloric restriction is too severe and/or the meals are not properly spaced throughout the day.

7-Keto® and Body Fat Reduction
Studies show that 7-Keto® combined with moderate exercise and a reduced-calorie diet significantly reduces more body weight and body fat compared with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet alone. 7-Keto® is also able to enhance the activity of several thermogenic enzymes and to promote the use of fat stores for energy.

7-Keto® may help to*:
● Promote weight loss without the use of stimulants
● Compensate for age-related decline in 7-Keto® DHEA production
● Compensate for cortisol-induced reduction of 7-Keto® DHEA
● Reduce tissue levels of cortisol by reducing local conversion of cortisone to cortisol
● Improve memory
● Reduce alcohol cravings due to activity on GABA receptors
● Augment immune response in the elderly and subjects under stress
● Alleviate depression caused by chronic stress


Advantra Z®

Bitter Orange Extract (as Advantra Z®)
● Shown to increase thermogenesis and basal metabolic rate (BMR)
● Contains adrenergic amines, agents that mimic the actions of the sympathetic nervous system with no stimulant-type side effects. These amines help to stimulate metabolic processes while increasing lipolysis (breakdown of fat).
● Advantra Z® is the only bitter orange extract standardized and purified to contain primarily naturally occurring p-synephrine while having negligible amounts of synthetic m-synephrine. P-synephrine is an analog of adrenaline but has no side effects associated with it, unlike m-synephrine which is undesirable because of its stimulant-type side effects.


Naringin (Citrus grandis osbeck) and hesperidin: antioxidant-rich bioflavonoids

● Research shows that, when combined, these two bioflavonoids increased the thermogenic effects of p-synephrine (con­tained in Advantra Z®)


Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated and standardized to 45% EGCg [epigallocatechin gallate])

● EGCg has been shown to stimu­late thermogenesis by enhancing BMR
● Helps to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce glucose absorption


Weight Loss Support Packets

Weight Loss Support Packets are designed to help the body:
● Use fat for fuel
● Improve insulin sensitivity
● Modulate cortisol
● Reduce cravings
● Improve metabolism
● Increase energy
● Improve leptin resistance

Each packet contains:
• Carnitine Synergy™ (2 capsules): promotes optimal fat burning by the mitochondria.
• EndoTrim™ (2 capsules): comprehensive endocrine balancing formula designed to promote optimal insulin, leptin and cortisol balance.
• Thermo-EFx™ (1 capsule): supports healthy weight loss by helping to increase the body’s metabolic rate safely.



EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) is a key active component of green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves. It is valued for its antioxidant properties and has been studied extensively for weight loss through promotion of fat metabolism and for its role in supporting overall health and wellness. This formula contains green tea standardized to 45% EGCg.

Scientific literature abounds on the many health benefits from the frequent consumption of green tea. Epigallocatechin gallate, known as EGCg, has recently been discovered as the active ingredient in green tea, giving it its antioxidant and DNA-protective abilities. This 500 mg veggie cap contains green tea standardized to 50% EGCg.

EGCg is not only an excellent choice due to its high amount of epigallocatechin gallate, but also because it is guaranteed to contain less than 2% caffeine and to have low fluoride.

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