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“I have been seeing Dr. Saxena since Sept of 2012. She has turned my life around. I have a rare disease for which there is no cure. It is a dysfunctional immune system disease which causes inflammation. It was affecting my eyes, sinuses, ears, thyroid, liver, spleen, skin, adrenal glands. It was causing RLS and serious insomnia.

After 6 months of following Dr. Saxena’s treatment plan, my eye doctor took me off all 3 anti-inflammatory eye drops. Now after 4 years of treatments I am 90% symptom-free. Instead of being on 6 prescription drugs, I am now taking only 2 prescriptions. I still have the disease, but I am no longer suffering.
Because Dr. Saxena uses her Functional, Integrative and Holistic Medical skills to treat patients like me, all of her services may not be covered by insurance. It is not because she and Chris (her office manager) do not want to accept insurance, it is because the insurance companies do not want to cover her superior methods of treatment. However, I have found her costs are reasonable and my better health is worth the extra amounts that I pay.
Dr. Saxena has shown me more respect than any other doctor I have ever had (75 years of doctors). When I told her that I had learned as much as I could on the internet about my disease she was the ONLY doctor who did not say “Get off the internet, it is full of misinformation and dangerous.” Instead she told me she admired me for how much research I had done and gave me additional books to read. I have taught her a few things about my rare disease and she has taught me volumes about how I can obtain better health.

Dr. Deepti Saxena is a true Professional Health Care Partner in my quest for better health.” -Jeanne F.

“When I started with Dr. Saxena, I was on so many diabetes medicines it was hard to keep back. I think it was 9-6. After going to some hormonal therapy of testosterone, I am feeling great and ONLY I pill a day! Bravo Dr. Saxena” -Richard B.

“It’s been about 40 days now and I have dropped 20 pounds and it’s been all around my waist. I bow to your wisdom, you have just been fabulous. Thanks so much for this opportunity to be a normal human being in my 50’s without going through these crazy mood swings that so many of my friends have gone through. I really appreciate it.”* -Donna S.

I cannot tell you how much Dr.Saxena  has helped me. Honestly, it’s been fabulous. I went from complete depression to feeling like my old self again. And for anyone out there who has been second-guessing themselves, please don’t.”* -Patricia A.

After starting the bioidentical hormone therapy everything went back to normal and my libido is back! I look better and feel better! It is amazing how much better and how much younger I feel now!”* -John K.

I got pellets inserted and within two weeks I started to feel like I did ten-fifteen years ago. Started getting out of depression and started to regain sexual function and just started to feel like my own self and enjoy life again.”* -Andrew C.


I was referred to Dr. Saxena  by some friends that have had some really good results with her. When I came to see her, I felt middle-aged, I felt awful, and I felt the worse that I’ve felt since college. I had no energy, I had no stamina, I didn’t have the quality of life that I had years ago. In just a couple months’ time, Dr. Saxena  has absolutely changed my life. I feel wonderful, I feel better than I did in college. And every day gets better.* -Taylor P.

Severe depression, no motivation of any sort, hot flashes, night sweats, no sex drive. I started in July and I feel like a woman again! Now I DO want to get up off of the couch, I DO want to get out of bed in the morning, I DO want to make sure that husband and family and friends are all happy. It’s made me feel normal.* -Nancy F.

It just seemed like everything was starting to fall apart. One of my girlfriends was using bioidentical hormones and it got me curious. I’m the kind of person who reads up on everything, so I started reading up on it and researching different doctors that use bioidentical hormones therapy. It turns out that I was suffering from hypothyroidism, so my thyroid was under active. After starting treatment, I feel like I’m 35 now, instead of 90!* -Jennifer D.

I was just a mess! My breasts were so swollen, I had gained weight and I was tired all the time. At 48 I had always been pretty healthy. I taught exercise, tried to eat well, and took quality vitamins. I was also losing my sex drive…  Worked with Dr.Saxena very closely first 3 months, and I was feeling back to normal and all my symptoms were resolved. Since then I see her every 2 -3 months for maintenance.
Laura M.


Thyroid problems run in my family but I didn’t experience them until about 6 yrs ago. Many doctors repeatedly told me that my TSH levels, t3, t4, etc. were all fine. I told my family doctor that I seemed to have all the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, she checked and sure enough, despite all other tests showing the normal range and taking thyroid hormones, my antibodies were extremely high. I eat right and exercise and yet I still couldn’t sleep through the night. I suffered from depression and anxiety and generally felt terrible ALL THE TIME. I was also on HRT for about 15 yrs due to a hysterectomy. Dr. Saxena has literally SAVED ME by balancing my entire endocrine system. Since going on pellet therapy, adrenal support, and taking compounded progesterone at bedtime to lower my cortisol at night only, I feel better and look better. My thyroid meds are now working as they should and the depression and anxiety (not to mention lack of sleep) have disappeared. Thank you, Dr. Saxena, for GETTING MY LIFE BACK!* -Jane H.

I am 43 years old and have been an RN for 21 years. I not only suffered from brain fog/freeze, but my sex drive had dropped to zero – it was as if the lower half of my body had just turned off. I felt tired all the time, moody, unable to focus. I felt like my life was slipping away from me. I was feeling ancient and run down. I had lost my vitality. After beginning treatment with Dr. Saxena, I was amazed at how quickly the medications took effect and my mood stabilized, my sex drive came back, and energy levels have increased. My skin and hair feel great. The bags under my eyes are gone. I can sleep at night. It is a miracle.* -Nidhi M.


I went to my family doctor, then to a urologist and finally an endocrinologist. I questioned whether or not my hormone levels were out of balance and causing these symptoms. In all cases, they said that diet and exercise was all I needed. All of the doctors I went to wanted to mask my real problem by prescribing medications for my “symptoms”. They wanted me on medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety and erectile dysfunction. That’s five different medications! I refused to put those toxins in my body. The side effects are many which usually lead to more medication. So, being desperate and knowing what the real problem was, I went to see  Dr.Saxena.  They are on the cutting edge of the aging human. Is it expensive? Not at all. I feel better now than at age 25! Thank you!* -Arthur R.

*Please note that all patients are individuals and so individual results may vary*

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